Find Out Who Stole Your Phone

For the longest time now I have imagined how cool it would be to walk up to a theives door with the police, knocking on the door and getting your stolen phone back.  Most phone security apps have gps tracking so you can find the exact location of your phone in case it is lost or stolen.  Well I am excited once again.  Two companies have taken phone security to the next level.  Before you even go knocking on any doors, these apps will take a picture of the perpetrator who stole your phone, and email it to you.  If you are serious about phone security, definitely give these apps a try.

For IOS use iGotYa!!                                For Android Users Lookout Security and Antivirus

Icono iGotYa_fmt                                      lookout

Have Fun!!!

Bluebird By American Express And Using The Roadside Assistance

Welcome Back Compadres,

Recently a prepaid card has been issued as a joint venture between Walmart and American Express, and they are calling it Bluebird by American Express.  It is a prepaid card with all the benefits of a bank account, and a prepaid card with none of the fees that come with both.  It has a ton of wonderful features like taking a picture of a check to make a deposit, a fabulous mobile application for both IOS and Android, billpay, and it even comes with Roadside Assistance. And since this website is devoted to your security and helping you save money, today I would like to focus on the Roadside Assistance feature of this card.

As one of the benefits to using the Bluebird card, the website claims:

-If you have emergency car trouble, you have access to Roadside Assistance.* Just call us and we’ll send help.

While technically this may be true, as I recently found out, it’s not the entire story.  When I think of roadside assistance, my recent experience has been when you need a tow or ran out of gas, they come and give you 5 gallons for free, or tow your car for up to 10 miles for free to your favorite mechanic.  In this case I required towing, but as it turns out, this roadside assistance wasn’t so much as assistance, as it was just help arranging the towing company to my location.

It turns out they will tow your car for up to 10 miles, but there is a fee of $65.  So while it isn’t a bad price for towing the car, it isn’t free as the website would imply.  All in all this Bluebird card is really a great card for those of us who don’t like to use your typical banks, it is full of features, but as I found out, it’s benefits aren’t as great as their website may make it seem.  If you can, you would still get better roadside assistance from your car insurance company, or even Verizon has a solid roadside assistance with free towing up to 10 miles for like 3 bucks a month.  Aside from this, I have been very satisfied with my Bluebird card.

This was just a little heads up for anyone thinking of using this card as their Roadside Assistance provider.  Come again soon.

Safety First: For All You Single Ladies Out There

Hey, I am back.  Sorry for the absence, I have just been busy with work and life in general. I just recently purchased the Google Nexus 7 and absolutely love it.  I am planning to do a little write up/review on it, but for now I just wanted to post this story real quick.

A female friend of mine had an interesting story about using the reverse phone number locator website that I wanted to share.  I know I have posted a few of the reasons a reverse phone number look up is useful, and here is just one more to add to the list. So my friend was at a local pub with her friends and met a seemingly nice gentleman.  After talking with him for a while the exchanged numbers, and hoped to get together in the future.  Now she only had the guys first name and his phone number, so she decided to give my website a try.  I am not sure what state you are reading this blog from, but I live in Michigan.  In this great state we have a website called OTIS, basically if you have gone to jail, or have been convicted of a felony, it’s on this website.  So with just a first name and his phone number,  using the reverse phone number lookup and then looking up his name on the Michigan Offender website, she was able to find some, let’s just say, unsavory details about the new guy she had met. Now he me have turned his life around and he may be the nicest guy in the world, but being a single female, it is necessary to be armed with as much information as possible for your safety.

I have posted a few reason why a reverse phone lookup can be useful.  This just adds another important one that I hadn’t thought of.  So any of you single ladies out there meeting your next exboyfriend, you are now armed with a new tool to weed out those tools before they waste any of your time.   =]    I made that up myself.

And because I am so nice, I wanted to help the ladies out, so before you ever have to use the reverse phone number lookup, check below for the type of guys you should always avoid.  This should help make your search for the perfect guy much easier.

You’re Welcome



$10 Motorola Factory Cables – Your Cure For The Bricked Razr – Buy Now and Get It In 2 Days

Welcome back for those of you returning readers, and to those of you who are new here, come in, grab a cup of coffee, and enjoy my website, I hope you find it as useful as I intend it to be.

For those of you who are just here to buy a Motorola Factory Cable, click here for the link to purchase the cables. For those of you interested in the story also, which I hope most of you are, continue reading  =]

Those of you who have read my previous posts, know about my adventure in getting a used Droid Razr with the purpose of avoiding signing a new contract with Verizon, allowing me to keep my unlimited data.  Well, shortly after I received my phone I rooted it with the intention of flashing a custom ROM, having rooted and flashed Roms on my Droid X many times, I was confident in my abilities,  unfortunately this time I didn’t notice my battery was too low.  In the middle of flashing my new ROM, my phone died. The problem here is that the ROMs on your phone control the charging of the phone so as to not over charge the phone, and have it explode right next to you on your night stand.  So with the ROM not completely installed, I had no way to charge the phone. And with no way to charge the phone, I had no way to install a new ROM, what a vicious circle.   There I was, 1:00a.m., stuck with a bricked phone and no idea how I was to get myself out of this mess, worried I might have just created a worthless $250 piece of non-functioning plastic.  After a lengthy and frantic research, I found out I had two options. The first was, I had to build myself a factory cable, by taking a standard mini-USB charging cord, cutting and splicing and soldering my way to a hand built factory-like cable, that clearly wasn’t an option.  I am no electrical engineer, and I have no clue how to soldier.  My only other option to unbrick my phone was to buy a Motorola Factory cable, it bypasses the battery, and allows you to load a ROM with a dead battery, or with no battery at all.  Seemed simple enough, I liked that option.  So I checked all the normal sites like teamblackhat,  but of course, they were sold out.  So I ended up on ebay, a place that scares me for doing business based on past transactions,  but luckily for me they had cables available.  The one downside was that it would take nearly a month because all the sellers are sending the cables from China.  The thought of being without my phone for almost a month was enough to put me into therapy.  I searched the forums up and down, and it seemed like there were tons of people stuck in the same situation that I was, but it seemed like there was no one on the entire interweb that had the cables in stock, aside from our friends halfway around the world.  So I took a risk  and bought a bunch of Motorola Factory Programming cables from China, and they are finally here.  I do seem to take a lot of risks, like taking the risk of buying from digicircle while only knowing about them what I read on their website.   Not sure if I take the risks because I like living on the edge, or I just like doing things that allow me to help people later on down the line, and honestly it seems like I have had only positive results so far.  Plus it also gives me good material to write about on my blog, or atleast I think it is.  Anyhow, within a half hour of getting my cables, my Razr was back up and running.  Life is good again.

Of course the best part about all this is, if you are stuck in a similar situation like I was, you do not have to wait a month to get your phone back up and running, you can do it in 2 days.  I bought about 40 cords, and have posted a listing on ebay for purchase if anyone needs one. For those of you who do not have an ebay account,  I am also going to put a checkout at the bottom of this page, but I need to get to sleep so I will try and do that tomorrow. But I have scoured ebay, and other than myself, I have not seen any other sellers with these cables, in stock, on hand, ready to ship out today, other than sellers in China.  So if you are in need of one of these cables, I highly recommend me  =]  Save yourself the time, you will not find them cheaper or get them quicker.

Click here to go to the listing

Again, thanks for reading, and most of all, I hope there are people out there that I have helped get out of a crappy, stressful situation I also found myself in, thinking I just destroyed my expensive phone.  Man that is not a good feeling  =]  luckily for us, all is not lost, there is hope.

Wireless Tethering For Free

Welcome back to another exciting edition of my amazing blog.  And without further ado, here she goes…..I have received a few messages in the last couple days since I posted the blog about keeping Verizon’s unlimited data plans.  In the picture of my new razrs homescreen there is a folder marked tethering, some of you are curious about the tethering apps I use or if I just pay for a tethering plan and use the mobile hotspot that comes with the phone. Well the short answer to that is of course no.  I am all about getting the most out of my phone while paying as little as possible as you can tell.

Some limited data plans they sell now include tethering, but then again, you will use up your data within a couple weeks.  Leaving you stressing at the end of the month as to not go over your data allowance.  For those of us still fighting the good fight and on unlimited data plans, unfortunately, tethering does not come included.   I am here to tell you now, there is a solution to that, and you don’t have to be a tech genius.  In the past, you had to be very tech savvy and be able to root your phone before you could avoid paying for tethering fees.   If you are that such person, the best free tethering app out there is WiFi Tether For Root.  Its easy to use, but again, you have to be able to root your phone to get it to work.

Now, for those of us who don’t have the time to learn how to root our phones, our good friends at FoxFi have created an app where you no longer have to root your phone to get free wifi tether.  You simply just download the app, turn it on, and you are good to go.  It is also not just for unrooted users, if you are rooted, the app will work just the same.

Now both apps are fantastic options, it just depends on if you want to root your phone or not.  Now, there are some older phones that Foxfi may not be compatable with, particularly some HTC phones, so do your research before you download anything.  Also, some carriers, I think sprint is one of them, who took them out of the google play store. You can still download them. First open up your phones settings, and click on the security option, and make sure there is a check mark next to  “Unknown Sources – Allow Installation Of non-Market Apps.”  After you have done that, you can go to one of these websites and download the android apk directly to your phone.

For WiFi Tether for Rooted Users go here.

For FoxFi Tether for Non-Rooted Users go here. 

Again, thanks for reading my posts, and I hope this helps.  If you have any questions or just want to tell me you love me feel free to message me or leave a comment.


Want To Get A New Phone AND Keep Your Unlimited Data At Verizon? Here’s How I Did It

I Fought Big Red, And I Won!!! haha

Let me first start out by saying, that all companies have their pros and cons, and Verizon is no different.  As a carrier in the U.S., I think they are the best cellular provider we have available, their coverage is unmatched.  That coverage definitely comes at a premium, but as they say (i know, who they hell is “they?”), you get what you pay for. I am 32, and have been a loyal Verizon customer since before cell phones could be bricked, they WERE actually bricks .

But lately I have become increasingly irked by their continuing modifications to their plans, none of which actually saves me any money, or gives me any extra data allowance.  They seem to be charging more for their data plans, while giving you less data. Its not like these phones now a days use LESS data.  All of this,  I am sure, you are already aware of.  So if you are like me, and you want to keep all your unlimited data, but want one of these new fancy 4g, blazing fast smartphones: This is my story:

When Verizon tells you that when you upgrade your phone, you will lose your unlimited data, they aren’t telling you the whole story.  You only lose your unlimited data plan if you upgrade your phone as subsidized pricing, untimately signing you to a new contract with a limited data plan. Normally these prices fall between $100 up to $300.  I know you are probably thinking, if that is the normal pricing, how much is an non-subsidized phone?  Generally they cost about $400-$600.  Don’t worry, I don’t expect anyone to gladly pony up that much money, otherwise this would be one crappy blog post. In my case though, if I purchased one of their subsidized phones, I would go over the 2 gigabyte data limit early and often, so that definitely wasn’t a realistic option.  This is where I took a risk that would benefit everyone.  Based on previous transactions, I wasn’t comfortable purchasing a phone off ebay.  There are some real hearless, soulless, scammers on there.  I did some research and came acrossed a website,,  that sells lightly used cell phones at a great price.  Not only that, but they offer a 30 day warranty on their used phones, which did put my mind at ease a little.  I ended up purchasing a Motorola Droid Razr for $250, and while it was called used, I couldn’t find a mark or scratch anywhere.  I couldn’t be happier.  Now don’t forget, you are not done here. I was going from a 3g Motorola Droid X, and while in the past, Verizon users have never had to use SIM cards.  Things are different now,  when moving to a 4g phone, you have to purchase a 4g sim card from Verizon, which isn’t a big deal except for the fact that I got home with my phone and tried to activate it at 10:00p.m. before finding this out.  So the next day I drove up to my local Verizon store and purchased a 4g sim card for $10. I simply popped it into my phone, logged in on my Verizon account, and selected “activate a new device,”  type in my sim card ID, and I was good to go, unlimited data and all.  When you are activating your device, it will bring you to a screen where it wants you to change plans, but it is just wanting you to select a 4g friendly plan. Just remember not to remove the unlimited data.

So there you have it. I am running a 4g phone with unlimited data, and I didn’t spend much more than I would on a subsidized phone. And just out of spite, I stream movies while I sleep just to use up as much data as I possibly can, even when I have wi-fi available. No, not really. hehe.  Just a side note for those of you with Asurion insurance on your current phone. I checked a few days after I had switched to my new Razr, and sure enough, my Asurion phone insurance now covers my new phone.  So now if anything happens to this phone, I am not faced with the unthinkable, going back to my old boring, slow, 3g phone, or purchasing another used phone.

I hope this is some help to those of you out there in a similar situation.  Then again, they are a very large company, I don’t want them coming after me, maybe I shouldn’t publish this………… =]

Join The Do Not Call Registry

Nobody hates annoying useless phonecalls more than I do.  Telemarketers are starting to make their way to calling cell phones to make their pitches.  You want to do everything you can to stop these annoying calls.  Unfortunately there is no way to remove your cell phone number from the national directory; many telemarketers and listings pull their information from public records, which are freely available to anyone by law. Land ownership records, petitions, bankruptcy filings and a host of other records may contain your phone number, not to mention “free” social networks who sell your information to create revenue.  So the next best thing you can do to stop unwanted callers, is sign your phone number up on the do not call registry. Click on the icon to be redirected to their website.   Telemarketers should completely cease once your number has been on the registry for 31 days.

If the issue is not a telemarketer, but other types of bothersome calls, There are several ways to deal with annoying prank callers and unwanted phone call harassment. Learn everything you need to know about phone call harassment at Privacy Rights Clearinghouse. Things like: when exactly a phone call becomes harassing, Who you should contact when your being harassed, the “pressure valve” strategy, what you can do to stop other types of provoking calls, and more!

Must Have Android Apps

 Here at reverse phone number locator, our goal is to assist you in not only finding out who is calling you, but we also want to help you in protecting your privacy, money, and most importantly your time.   Below are some applications for android phones that will help you in doing just that.   Take some time to look around and see if they can help you in any way.  These are apps I personally use and I highly suggest any android user must have to protect your phone. Let me know what you think and if you have any app suggestions of your own, let us know and I will include them in the list. I will also be posting other apps I suggest for fun and entertainment, this area will mostly be apps to assist in security.

All the apps below are the free versions, but if you find that you like them, be sure to purchase the pro version to support your developers. 



Seekdroid is a must have app for any Android smart phone user.  This is the first app I tell any new phone user to get. With this amazing app, if your phone is lost or stolen, you can use this app to locate your phone in real time on a map to retrieve your phone, we are not only here to help you locate who is calling you, but help you locate your phone =].  If you are unable to do so, or your gps locator on your phone is turned off, you can still remotely wipe your entire phone using a desktop computer and your personal login info, clearing off any important info or pictures you wouldn’t want anyone else to access. Click on the icon to check out all the features.



At this point you have used’s reverse phone service, and found out the the unknown caller is not a possible job opportunity, or a hot ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend hoping for reconciliation, it’s just some worthless marketing cold call, or a crazy not hot ex, who just won’t leave you alone.  Download this app to use as a filter to block those unwanted calls or text messages.



If you are like me, you store a ton of critical personal, and financial information on your phone.  And if you are like me, your computer has a virus protector on it.  Today’s smart phones are essentially miniature computers, so why have a virus protector on your computer but not your phone?  AVG is a trusted name in both computer and mobile phone security. Don’t let someone steal your private information by simply overlooking an easy solution.



Have you received a phone call from someone and told them to stop calling you, yet they continue to harass you, threaten you, or ever bully you.  This is a fantastic app that will allow you to record these threatening phone calls and if necessary, take them to the proper authorities to get a restraining order put on them to end that nightmare.



Let’s be honest, we’ve all done it or thought about doing it.  Our phones don’t have to be lost or stolen to have personal items accidentally accessed.  Sometimes it’s just a friend or family member looking at the pictures from your trip to the Grand Canyon, then Whoops!!  Vaulty is a fantastic program that allows you to store certain personal photos in a folder where you have to have your personal password to access them.

Welcome To The Blog

Today is a dream come true for me. I finally have a blog.  It seems like everyone in the world has a blog and now I finally have mine.  My name is Nick, and I am the owner of the website There are many reasons I wanted to make this blog.  First off, I am the type of person that when I find something neat or interesting, I love telling people about it so they can get on board.  I hate being the last person to know about something cool.  I was one of the last people to join myspace, and by that time everyone was moving to facebook.  It was lonely. But hey, it happens.  Anyhow, since I have been running my website, I kept finding myself wanting to tell my users about interesting things that might be able to help them, and this blog finally gives me my chance.   There are many reverse phone number websites out there. Most of them are just doorways to sell you something.  But I want my website to be so much more, I want to be able to communicate with my visitors, share stories and information, and help you out in any way I can. 

With this blog, I plan to keep all my visitors updated on any phone scams that seem to be going around, any potentially harmful viruses, or any unwanted nuisances that annoy us. I will also have a section with useful apps and resources to help get the most out of your phones, and to also help keep annoying phone calls to a minimum.

I hope by setting up this website, we can all work together to do the same for each other. My website heavily relies on user generated information to keep other visitors aware of any unwanted phone callers information or intentions.   I encourage any users of my site to fill out phone complaints when they get a call they don’t want, and they have the information about the caller.  It saves others from having to use the pay service to obtain the identity of the unknown caller. That way all you have to do is type in the number of a caller, and the information is right there at all of our fingertips. 

With this portion of the website I would also want to hear any stories yo might have using the phone service, be it funny, annoying, or even success stories that you might have.  You can either send them to me, and I can post it anonymously for you, or you can post it yourself in the comments section. Completely up to you. 

Now  a little about me:  I am a 32 year old guy from South Eastern Michigan.  I work at a Granite Countertop company as AutoCAD Designer, and CNC programmer.  Our shop is located in a city just North of Detroit, and currently have no gang affiliation.   I am a huge fan of computer, phones, electronics etc.  Which is one of the reasons I wanted to get this site going.  I am a huge fan of Android phones, but I just recently purchased an ipad, so I am not one of those people picking sides in the mobile war of 2012.  I only mentioned that because I will be posting information and sites that will be helpful to both android and ios users. 

Well enough of me rambling.  I want to thank all of you for visiting my website, and hope you will come back from time to time and check out some of our topics, and maybe throw out a comment or two.